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Biomastic textured Masonary Paint for home, commercial and mobile home use.

Biomastic Textured Paints

We specialize in textured paint coatings suitable for use within homes, commercial premises and mobile homes. Biomastic is suitable for internal or external use. Ideal as Masonry coatings and contract paints. Biomastic also produces quality roof sealants, primers and anti vandle paints.
It's time to protect your home with Biomastic...
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Masonry Paint
Add value to your home & property, protect brick work, walls and rendering - House Painting made easy. Biomastic Paint is ideal for painting park and mobile homes. Ideal for internal or external use:-

> External Elevations
> External walls
> Ideal All Weather Paint
> Range of popular colour's
> Flexible coating
> Anti peeling and cracking
> Long Lasting
> Easy To Apply
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Roof Paint & Roof Sealant
Biomastic Roofing Paints are deisgned for DIY use, giving instant waterproof roof protection with added adhesion and durability. Ideal for roof patch repair or full roof application:-

> Waterproof Roofing Sealant
> Roof Tile Paint
> Roof Patch Repair or Complete
> Effective Roof Primer
> Fibre Reinforced Roof Paint
> Emergancy Leak Repair
> All Weather Roof Paint
> Easy To Apply
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Floor Paints
Biomastic Floor Paints are easy to apply to stone, and concrete floors. provides a cleaner floor environment wich prevents the formation of dust and suitable for washing with water:-

> Low Viscosity - High Build
> Covers Stone and Concrete
> Ideal for cellars and garages
> Range of popular colour's
> Block Paving Sealer
> Quick Drying Marking Paint
> Long Lasting
> Easy To Apply
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